Case Results

  • $1.2 Million
    Seven Figure Offshore Settlement
    The firm reached a seven-figure settlement on behalf of an offshore worker who was injured in an incident offshore. The plaintiff had to undergo surgery to repair a neck injury, but couldn’t return to his same employment. Defendants denied liability, ...
  • $1.0 Million
    Dump Truck Accident
    Doran and Cawthorne’s client was struck and pushed into a ditch by a dump truck that attempted to pass our client, while our client was attempting to make a left-hand turn. Our client experienced neck, upper and lower back, and right sciatic pain ...
  • $1.0 Million
    18-Wheeler Interstate Collision
    The firm’s client was injured when his car was run off the interstate highway by an eighteen-wheeler. The client sustained significant injuries but managed to reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) without surgical intervention. The case was settled ...
  • $900,444
    Rear-End Collision
    Our client was a professional truck driver who, while in the course and scope of his employment, was rear-ended by another commercial vehicle. Plaintiff in this matter had serious injuries and underwent spinal surgery. This case was settled for $ ...
  • $557,601
    Serious Car Accident
    Doran & Cawthorne’s client was side-swiped by the defendant-driver, causing her to run off the road into a field. Liability and medical causation were contested. The IME physician concurred with the treating doctor’s surgery recommendation, however, ...
  • $525,561
    Rear-End Collision
    The plaintiff in this matter was rear-ended by a company truck in the early morning hours. The air bags did not deploy, nor did Plaintiff lose consciousness. However, his vehicle was a total loss. The defense claimed that Plaintiff posed an undue ...
  • $385,000
    Contested Accident
    This case involved a contested accident. Plaintiff claimed the accident was caused when the defendant crossed into his lane. The defendant’s version of events was directly contradicting. Nonetheless, Plaintiff sustained serious injuries to his lower ...
  • $385,000
    Illegal Highway Merge
    The plaintiff in this matter was attempting to merge onto Interstate 10 when the defendant illegally merged into our client’s lane of travel, causing our client’s vehicle to violently crash into the wall of the interstate. Liability was highly ...
  • $275,000
    Low Impact Collision
    Plaintiff was struck by a commercial driver on a residential road, causing a low-impact collision. The firm’s client did have some preexisting medical issues with his neck and back. Damages to Plaintiff’s vehicle were minimal, but the sudden change ...
  • $272,803
    Rear-End Collision
    Doran and Cawthorne’s client was stopped in traffic due to an automobile accident a couple of yards ahead. The defendant was inattentively driving a commercial vehicle, failed to see that our client had stopped, and violently rear-ended our client’s ...
  • $258,686
    Truck Accident
    Quincy Cawthorne and Pride Doran represented a young lady who was rear-ended, causing her mild-to-moderate cervical disc injuries. Plaintiff had no lost wage claim and declined a surgery recommendation. The matter was settled shortly before trial for ...
  • $250,000
    Commercial Truck Accident
    The firm’s client was driving legally and responsibly when a commercial truck hit the rear passenger side of her vehicle, causing her to spin 180 degrees. The defendant stated he did not see our client’s vehicle before striking her. Our client ...
  • $240,000
    Commercial Vehicle Accident
    Doran & Cawthorne’s client was injured when his car was struck by a commercial vehicle. He underwent physical therapy and orthopedic care. The case was settled shortly after the suit was filed for $ 240,000.00. Attorney’s fees and litigation expenses ...
  • $235,000
    Commercial Vehicle Accident
    The plaintiff was traveling on US Hwy. 1900 when a commercial driver negligently crossed the white dashed line and crashed into the right side of our client’s vehicle. Our client experienced extreme neck pain from this collision and anticipated a ...
  • $202,480
    Soft-Tissue Injuries
    Plaintiff was rear-ended by a vehicle at night on Interstate 10. She aggravated a pre-existing injury, only missed work for doctor’s visits, and had no operative procedures performed. The matter was settled for $ 202,480.23. Attorney’s fees and ...
  • $200,000
    Distracted Driving Accident
    The firm’s client was driving in congested traffic when suddenly she was rear-ended by a driver who wasn’t paying attention to the traffic ahead. The defense argued that Plaintiff had preexisting injuries that were merely aggravated by this accident. ...
  • $195,000
    Dump Truck Accident
    Doran and Cawthorne’s client was a front-seat passenger of a dump truck used by her employer. While traveling over a bridge, a tire blew out and caused the dump truck to hit the guard rail. Our client sustained significant injuries to her neck, back, ...
  • $195,000
    Rear-End Collision
    The firm’s client was rear-ended by a driver who failed to slow down due to slowing traffic. The client sustained significant injuries to her back, with complaints of burning pain that radiated from her lower back through both legs. The client had to ...
  • $190,000
    18-Wheeler Interstate Collision
    Plaintiff was struck by an 18-wheeler that was improperly switching lanes while driving on I-10. The client sustained injuries, including headaches, blurry vision, numbness in both arms, upper and lower back pain, and weakness in her leg. Our client ...
  • $182,500
    Forklift Injury
    The firm’s client was in a truck struck by a small forklift while picking up bricks from a contractor, sustaining an aggravation of pre-existing low back injuries. Both whether the accident occurred and whether there was any injury to the Plaintiff ...
  • $175,000
    Negligent Law Enforcement
    The plaintiff in this matter was struck by a negligent law enforcement officer who was involved in a high-speed chase in pursuit of a suspect. Defendants attempted to evade liability by arguing immunity and, alternatively, comparative fault of the ...
  • $145,000
    Negligent Truck Driver
    Plaintiff was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler, whose driver wasn’t paying attention to traffic ahead. The crash caused significant spinal injuries, but the plaintiff recovered well. There was limited available insurance coverage, but Quincy Cawthorne ...
  • $145,000
    Back & Hip Injury
    The plaintiff was mounting a tire bank onto a truck while in the course and scope of his employment when he strained his lower back and injured his hip. Our client sustained pain best described as burning, shooting, stinging, and throbbing pain that ...
  • $140,000
    Faulty Bench
    Our client was a patron at a local establishment where she sat on a bench that was not properly secured to the foundation. Our client fell to the ground and sustained severe injuries to her ankle and foot because of the defective premises. ...
  • $125,000
    Hit & Run Accident
    Plaintiff was rear-ended while at a stoplight. The defendant driver tried to leave the scene of the accident but was followed by the plaintiff. The plaintiff had spinal issues post-accident, but medical causation was strongly contested by the ...
  • $111,487
    Car Accident
    Quincy Cawthorne represented a young lady who sustained neck, back, and hip injuries when her car was struck by another car that swerved into her lane. The case was settled for $ 111,487.64, after being initially declined by the defendant-insurance ...
  • $101,572
    Back Injury
    The firm’s client was working as a warehouseman when he bent over to pick up a large piece of iron and immediately felt pain in his lower back. He sought relief through physical therapy and medications and eventually had to undergo surgery on his ...
  • $100,000
    Neck & Back Injuries
    Doran and Cawthorne’s client was working under the hood of a large semi-truck when the spring broke, causing the hood to fall onto our client’s neck and upper back area. Our client suffered injuries to his head, upper, middle, and lower back that ...
  • Confidential Settlement
    Wrongful Accusation
    Doran and Cawthorne’s client was wrongfully accused of threatening an employee, which led to our client being wrongfully detained and interrogated in police custody for over half a day. Our client suffered severe post-traumatic stress and major ...
  • Confidential Settlement
    Drunk Driving Accident
    Pride Doran was the trial attorney for a young man who was injured when struck by a drunk driver. The young man, who was in his early twenties, sustained low back injuries, but declined any surgical intervention. A Lafayette Parish jury awarded an ...
  • Confidential Settlement
    Industrial Accident
    Pride Doran represented a gentleman who was employed unloading a truck owned by a third party that did business with his employer. The truck had a hole in its wooden bed. He accidentally stepped into it, causing severe back injuries that required him ...
  • Confidential Settlement
    Dump Truck Accident
    Doran and Cawthorne’s client was working on a construction site as a roller machine operator when a dump truck backed into him. Our client experienced severe neck and back pain and was diagnosed with multiple disc herniations and nerve impingements ...

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